Starting @ Startups

Last week, I began working in Tel Aviv (a.k.a. startup central) at a company known as WikiBrains. A “search engine for connections,” WikiBrains is a crowd-sourced brainstorming platform which allows users to see the most frequently searched topics, connect those topics with subtopics, and map out your brains’ thought process by creating a map made of multicolored bubbles and lines. In short: mind mapping.

From working at startup that’s small and still in it’s growing stages, I’ve noticed that I’m not just a number: I have my own voice, I make daily, measurable impact and I have a lot of creative power. But in the words of Spiderman’s uncle, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And for me, great responsibility leads to feelings of being overwhelmed. I find this to be quite ironic, as one of the many things that WikiBrains does is help you organize your thoughts in a visually appealing manner.

Throughout the week, I was given the freedom/ responsibility of making a bunch of different mind maps. The subjects could pertain to just about anything from breeds of dogs, to historically contentious murder trials, to one-hit wonders of the 90s. But where was I supposed to begin? I had all these ideas just floating around in my head, waiting to pop up onto my blank WikiBrains canvas.

90s One Hit Wonders90s Music - One-Hit Wonders

If my brain were to draw a picture of herself in brainstorm mode, she would look like a crazy cat person who’s tangled herself in several balls of rainbow yarn. That’s what my maps kind of looked like in the beginning of the week — I would start out with a lot of different ideas, delete them, add them back in a different place, move them around the page, delete them again, change their scale, add more ideas, and connect those ideas to other ideas. Once all the thoughts were out there, mapping them out in a readable, orderly manner was a whole other process. I would like to think that my later maps show some kind of organizational progression compared to my earlier maps.

Types of Coffee Beverages

Coffee Beverages copy

Famous Jews of Hollywood

Famous Jews of Hollywood

Mobile Dating Apps

Mobile Dating Apps

Marvel Comics Villains & Superheros

Villains & Superheros

Multitasking is a necessity at all jobs in all industries. Because of this, things can get a bit messy in our own heads. That said, organization is a skill that takes practice, and the more you practice, the better at it you become. Mid-week, I turned to Barbara (a.k.a. resident Marketing Guru) and said: “My thoughts are actually becoming more organized as I make these maps.” To which she replied: “Good. That’s what we’re all about.”

Now, if only WikiBrains could be used to organize my room…


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