The Last Days of 25

Today, I am 26.

Each of my birthdays in the past 5 years have been celebrated abroad:

22 was in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


23 & 24 were in Hong Kong:

HK Birthday - 24

25 was in Taipei, Taiwan.


26 is in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tel Aviv 26

It’s crazy to think about these past few years; up until the age of 21 I hadn’t celebrated a birthday anywhere outside the US. To be honest, these past few birthdays (albeit their exotic locations) have been rather uneventful. To me, they just end up  passing quickly and unmarked, merely signifying the start of another year of life and a new number to answer the “how old are you?” question with.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy CRAZY busy. I arrived to Israel on January 23rd for a free Taglit Birthright trip (which I will be writing more about within the next few days). That is why I currently find myself in Tel Aviv.

Last night, I celebrated my 26th year with 3 friends that I met from my trip. We hung out at a place north of Tel Aviv called Coffee Tree. It was late, it was simple, it was drunken, it was chill. And I was happy.

No idea what’s about to happen during my year of 26. A year from now, maybe I’ll be reminiscing about it all from another location…;)


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