The Ibex and the Sunrise

It’s 6 a.m. I can’t believe 2 hours have passed since I last looked at my phone.

Walking outside of my room and out onto the balcony, this is the first thing I see:

I’m all alone; the moment is perfectly mine.

At 6:23, I hear someone. Looking over the balcony and out onto the patio, I see not a person but a deer-looking creature (which I later find out is an ibex). I try to whistle at it, but I forgot that I’m still wearing my mouth-guard…so that’s awkward.


I follow the deer-looking creature until it runs forward to the front of the patio and stares up at me. It’s surprisingly brave and barely flinches as I inch forward to take a photo. It’s still dark, so it’s difficult to really get a good shot of this foreign but familiar looking animal, even with less than ten feet between us. Looking out into the parking lot, I suddenly see three more ibex staring up at me. Dad and two babes. Good morning, ibex family!


After the sunrise, a few people start emerging from their rooms. The seven of us that are awake decide to go on a highway run. During the first few minutes in, I am winded as hell. But when will the next time be that I’ll be running in the desert next to the Dead Sea? Probably not very soon. I suck it up, breathe in the air, and keep moving forward.



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