Swimming In Air

This is what happens when you get caught in the middle of a downpour on a run:

Post Run

Post Run

For the past few weeks in Hong Kong, the weather has been just miserable. When it’s not raining, it’s overcast. When it’s partly cloudy, it’s humid as hell.

Today was the second day of nice weather in a row! Sunny, blue skies, a slight breeze (to blow around the humid air, naturally). A nice day turned into the perfect evening to go for a run.

So, deciding to take advantage of this lovely weather, I did exactly that.

I usually run the same route, one end to the other of Bowen Road. It’s a straight path on top of a hill which takes about 15 minutes to walk up. They’ve been doing construction up there for a while, building a dam.

The coolest part of this run was that I actually got to see the dam work it’s magic! I saw water flowing through the opposite side, resulting in a lovely little waterfall. Granted, it was a little bit dark, but just hearing it and (vaguely) seeing it made me feel a little bit closer to nature which is a feeling that doesn’t happen very often in this industrialized and overcrowded city of high-rises.

To be honest, I quite enjoy getting caught in the rain, especially when it’s humid out because then it hides how truly sweaty I am and puts all the less sweaty runners on the same sweat level as me. (Kidding. Kind of…) But really, the rain is refreshing in the spring-summer heat. Plus, it’s a free shower. With your shoes on.


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