A Time of Belief

“Remember when I found out Santa was you?” I ask Mom. “Ha, I cried so much when I found out.”

“I don’t remember,” she says. “I thought it was Jeff that cried.”

“No, I think it was me. Jeff and I set up a tent made of chairs and blankets right next to the tree and I heard someone sneaking in to put presents under and I caught you.”

“Ohh, yeah that’s right,” she says.

“I was so old, I think 12 or 13.”

“Yeah, you were old.”

“I feel like when I have kids I shouldn’t even mention Santa. I’ll just say, here’re your presents!”

She smiles without looking up from the album. “Yeah, but isn’t it fun to believe?”

“I guess so, but it’s so heartbreaking when you find out.”

“It is, it’s sad.”

“It was fun. I remember writing letters to Santa…or, you.”

“I still have those somewhere. I know I still have your tooth fairy letters.”

“Oh yeah, I wrote to ‘her’ too.” I laugh. “I was so imaginative.”

“You were cute.”

“What happened, right?”


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