Numbers Game

In the

9 months I’ve been in Hong Kong, my

8 hours of sleep has slowly dwindled to

7, sometimes even less. I feel like there are about

6 things I try to do in a day:

One. Eat a good breakfast.

Two. Brainstorm & think of new and creative ideas.

Three. Organize my spaces at home and at work. (Keyword: “try”).

Four. Call, email or message a family member or a friend from home.

Five. Exercise.

Six. Read before Z’s.

In about

5 months from now, I’ll be getting ready to go home. The currently unimaginable, distant holiday season. I’m in the middle of reading

4 books:

一.100% Perfect Girl, Haruki Murakami. A.K.A. 遇見100%的女孩 (The Chinese translation…with difficulty.)

二.The Marriage Plot, Jeffrey Eugenides.

三.Oglivy on Advertising, David Oglivy.

四.The Idea Writers – Copywriting in a New Media and Marketing Era, Teressa Iezzi.

3 months from now, I’ll be traveling to Vietnam with Mom!!! Since arriving in Hong Kong, I’ve had

2 different jobs –

First was teaching English and

Second (current job) is copywriting at an advertising agency.

1 question I came recently across really made me think. This question was:

“How will you be remembered?”

This one question sparked an infinite explosion of thoughts and subsequent questions.

How can I think in different and new ways? Can I do something big and important and worthwhile for the world? How do I do that the easy way? Is there an easy way? I need to stay motivated. Why am I suddenly getting a headache? I should just travel. I should start my own business. What would that business be? I shouldn’t be thinking about this now. I can’t help it! Why am I sitting at this desk? Get me out of here. Calm down. Do your work…I should travel, just up and leave…

I don’t want to look back and feel like I should or shouldn’t have done or said something. I don’t want to look back without anything to look back on. I don’t want to look back and feel dissatisfied. I don’t want to look back and feel like I’ve wasted my time.

I want to look back proudly at the mark I’ve made.

Success is not measured in numbers, but in self-fulfillment. So don’t waste your time counting.


4 thoughts on “Numbers Game

  1. This is the first post that I’ve received in my inbox since subscribing to your blog, and it was a treat indeed. Thanks for sharing and I’ll have to thank Christina for pointing me to your blog 🙂 And, if I may add my own two cents on #1, I suspect that when we look back we’ll be most satisfied if we find that we were good to ourselves and good to others. Perhaps that meant supporting a local conservation initiative to protect the integrity of the natural environment for future generations or spending an afternoon with a friend who was going through a rough patch. Or maybe it was the simple act of writing out your thoughts because someone else had the same concerns but could never articulate them as well as you. And if that’s the case, then you’re already well on your way to achieving what it is you hope to achieve because it seems quite true that the most important things really cannot be quantified.

    • Hey! I really appreciate your support! It’s nice to know that people still take the time to read my blog. I’ve not had much time recently to post anything worthwhile, so sorry to keep you waiting. Sometimes inspiration just hits you spontaneously. Readers help keep me motivated to continue writing, so thanks again!

      I think people are far too concerned with quantifying things, myself included. I hear people talking about how they’re “too old” or “there’s not enough time” to accomplish something. If people genuinely want to ‘change the world’ and make an impact in some way, then the numbers shouldn’t matter. Emotion is the currency of satisfaction.

      Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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