What I can remember from the first night out

It begins around 12:30…

Meet up with a friend and her 3 friends – all exchange students. French, Dutch, German. Subtract French girl = 2 friends + me & my friend = 5.

Friend: “Do you want to go to a club? My friend said he has a table.”


So many people here. We go straight toward the bar.

Re$ervation friend: “Do you guys want a round of shots?”

(Nodding in consensus. Accent screams American.)

1/2 hour later…

Woo! Shots……very sweet, faintly alcoholic shots. Mind you, I still haven’t had anything to drink yet. I’m completely sober.

“It’s only 1 and they’re up there already!” my girl friend points to two girls dancing on a table.

MUSIC IS LOUD. Barely hear anything…

Re$ friend to me: “Are you gonna go up there?”

Me: (Why? So you can gawk at me from a different angle?) “NO.”

Re$: “Why not?”

Me: “…Not really my thing.”

Re$: “We’re friends with those girls.”

Me: “…………”

1:30 a.m. To the dancefloor?

Guy: “I hate this song!” (Covers ears.)

All his friends are dancing to the song. My friend and I start singing the lyrics in his face. He makes a face.

Me: “Don’t worry, it’s almost over!”


Me: “I hate their other song, the one that goes (dddah dddah)…”

We talk about music for a few seconds. Conversations are impossible. Says he’s from Canada, born here.

Me: “What do you do here?”

Guy: “Guess!”

Me: “A banker.”

Guy: “A good guess. Guess again.”

Me: “An English teacher.”

Guy: “Nope. I’m a dentist!” (Smiles big.)

Me: “Ohhh. Interesting!” (It’s not really that interesting, but it’s definitely not common.)

We exchange numbers, go off to find our friends in separate directions. I like the fact that he didn’t ask if I was going to dance on a table anytime soon.


I’m standing with my friend and these two guys who just came from a wedding wearing tuxedoes. They offer to buy us drinks.

While we wait, I see two girls dancing on a guy. One girl looks so familiar.

Me: “Where are you from? Taiwan?”

Girl 1: “Nooo.” (flirtatious smile.) “Guess again!”

Kisses me on the cheek.

Me: “Singapore.”

Girl 1: “Again!” (Another kiss. What is going on?)

Girl 2: “You are so beautiful. Dance with me!”

I’m suddenly in between Girl 1 and Girl 2, both attractive Hong Kong girls (at least in the dark). I think they’re trying to get attention from guys and they’re using me as the meat of the sandwich. Oh dear…

Finally, the drinks come and they’re…pina coladas. Freezing my brain cells! The tuxedo man is trying to grab me inappropriately. I feel uncomfortable and tell him I have to leave – my friend has already wandered away to find her jacket.

He doesn’t speak English all too well, but we manage a goodbye and exchange numbers. I start to turn towards where (I think) my friend is and tux man won’t let me leave. He leans down and gives me a smack on the mouth! (Whaaa…?) Quick and too the point. Where’s my friend I came here with…?


I end off the night at another bar. My two friends and the German guy practice our dance moves – the shopping cart, the sprinkler, the pregnant woman, the microwave. Classic.



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